About Me

I'm a full-stack web developer, with a focus on Javascript for the front-end, and Node.js or PHP on the back-end. I'm 100% self-taught, and as such, I have a passion for continually learning and improving my skills as a developer.

Previous Work Experience

Lead Developer

2015 - 2016

I started at TECHeGO as an entry level developer, and eventually was promoted to lead developer. In my time there, I had the opportunity to work on several extensions for Podio, a large workflow platform with an extensive API. I also did a lot of work there with integrating and automating APIs, and with data visualization with D3js.

Profesional Projects

Some of the things I've worked on over the course of my career.

APT for Podio - APT (Advanced Printing Templates) is an extension for Podio users to be able to build documents that dynamically import data from their Podio workspaces. I was the lead developer on this project and wrote a majority of the code for it. The interface was made with ReactJS, and the backend is built on PHP Laravel.
Sync for Podio - Sync is an extension for Podio users to backup all of their Podio data. I helped with the development of some features of Sync, and with finding and fixing errors after its primary developers had left.
Grapher.js - While at TECHeGO, I developed a D3js abstraction library that quickly and intelligently generates data visualizations from a wide variety of data formats. This is currently being used on internal dashboards for Techego clients for displaying company analytics.

Personal Projects

Some of the things I made in my free time.

Logroller - Logroller is my current long-term project. It's a log capture service, similar to BugSnag, but for providing a clean interface for examining standard outputs from multiple sources. Development is still in its early stages.
ReadyScripture - ReadyScripture is another long-term project. It was made as a resource for religious students of any denomination with an interest in scripture memorization. It allows users to save scriptures in a flash-card like interface, organize them by folder, and utilize them in multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blanks quizzes.
Google Font Lab - Google Font Lab is an environment I created for testing font pairings with Google Fonts. It utilizes the Google Fonts API to pull in the 400 most popular free fonts available.
MongoBlog - MongoBlog is an easy to set up blog template that comes with a command line interface that only requires being configured with a live MongoDB instance to allow users to update their blog via markdown directly from the command line.
Various Codepens - Whenever I get some down time, I like to get creative and make something fun on Codepen. See my profile for some of the things I've made.

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript & ReactJS

PHP Laravel


CSS (With Sass)